Dangerous Games by Riley Edwards

POV: Dual 1st person 
PoP: 7%
Trope: Heroine in Danger; Small Town; Protector; Friends to Lovers
Series: Takeback book 3
Rate: 5/5 Stars
Release Date: March 29, 2022

Riley Edwards has a way with words.  She never gives us a heroine that isn’t capable of taking care of herself.  But she does give us heroines that thrive with the help of their hero.  Sadie is no different.  Reese has sworn off relationships because of his ex-wife but has a soft spot for Sadie.  One thing I LOVE about Edwards’ books is the truth bombs that the friends drop in her books.  The fact that they look out for each other in such a way that they know when and what to say and how to deliver the blow to the hero and heroines to know what kind of idiots they are being. These two are electric together, and Reese is there every step of the way once Sadie lets him into her world.  Sadie is there for Reese in ways he never expected once he lets her fully into his. Granted, it takes MUCH longer for Sadie to come to terms with this than Reese, but that does not distract him at all.  We learn a little bit about each of the surrounding characters and get that wonderfully terrible teaser at the end into the next book. If you have not started the TakeBack series, you are truly missing out on some wonderful characters!