Mine to Keep by Rhenna Morgan

Strong Sexy Russian.  Sassy strong willed leading lady. 

So much love for this one.

A perfect example of an alpha male who falls completely into love with the girl who doesn’t think she deserves to be loved or good enough for him. 

Bonnie Drummond is twenty-five years old. Her entire life, her father and brother have done whatever they could cheat the system.   Bonnie has made her life’s goal to distance herself from their activities, living honestly, working hard for everything she has. But Family…  Bonnie is always having to bail them out of one problem or another.  Doing everything she can to help them keep their heads above water. Because of this she has nothing.  She doesn’t even have dreams to fall back on.   But this time her brother and dad are in real trouble.  She doesn’t know what to do or who to turn to. So out of pure desperation, she calls the only real friend she has. Bonnie finds herself under the watchful eye of Mr. tall, dark, and stunningly muscular, yet brooding Russian.

Roman is a man with a past.  Loyal to his family and working to help those who have had a similar start to life.  He has a goodness he doesn’t share beneath the layers of his dented armor.  Roman is thoughtful and meticulous with the choices he makes.  You find just how big he truly loves.

So many sparks between these two.  The build up this story is amazing.  There is a bit of a slow burn aspect as she is fighting her feelings and he worries about his tainted past.  But once caution is thrown to the wind the heat is on. 

I was happy to be back visiting New Orleans with the characters in the NOLA Knights series and small glimpses of the Men of Haven.  These stories do stand alone on their own but if you like sexy alpha men who walk the line you must read all these stories.  Every story I’ve read by this author has been sexy and intriguing.  

Morgan has a magic when she creates these men and women.  The women are unique and beautiful beyond the physical.  I always anticipate her books like a child on Christmas Morning. I want to know who is next and what is going to happen.   Bonnie and Roman are pure magic on the page.