A Taste of Whiskey by Melissa Foster

A Taste of Whiskey brings us back to the Whiskey’s at Redemption Ranch. Ezra and Sasha met by chance as teenagers, and now work together on the Ranch. Ezra is the father to the most adorable little boy Gus, or Gusto to Sasha. And his goal in life is to make sure that Gus never feels slighted when it comes to love. He wants to make sure that he feels and gets love from every direction he can, but more than makes up for it because his ex-wife is less than.

Sasha and Ezra are two people that have feelings for each other for years, but because of a ranch rule as well as Gus and some past hang-ups on Ezra’s part, they have just let those feelings lie dormant. But that is no longer the case when Sasha is challenged by her sister Birdie to do move forward or move on. What follows is a little bit of back and forth, and a LOT of big emotions. Gus is first and foremost the most important thing to both of these people. I love the way in which Melissa Foster treated the relationship he has with everyone around him.

Sasha has been so much more to Gus than just a babysitter and friend

I had some hang-ups with the way in which Ezra and Sasha wavered at the beginning of the book, but it was a personal thing. The backstory of Ezra, and the rules of the ranch are a HUGE part of his motivations so it makes sense. But it was still frustrating.

In A Taste of Whiskey, we see that the WHiskey’s love big and they love hard… and they pull in those that need to more. I adore this series, and the healing of the ranch that Foster continues to cultivate and create. While this didn’t quite hold up to Cowboy and Sully… it was still an excellent read that kept me engaged. I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

A Taste of Whiskey Cover

POV: 3rd Person
3rd Act Break-Up: NO
Tropes: Single Dad; Small Town; Spin-off; Hidden Romance; Friends to Lovers; Childhood Crush
Series: Dark Knights at Redemption Ranch… book 4
Type of Series: Series of Standalones
Rate: 4/5 Stars
Release Date: April 10, 2024
PoP: 45%

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