On the Line by Naomi Loud

In this highly anticipated novel, On the Line by Naomi Loud we meet James, a 23-year-old heiress adjusting to newfound financial independence after a major life change. Working at a fancy restaurant, she crosses paths with Ozzy, a 26-year-old line cook dealing with family struggles. Despite their different backgrounds, their romance feels forced, lacking authentic chemistry.

The narrative explores their relationship but suffers from pacing issues. A scene involving cocaine feels out of place and disrupts the flow. Additionally, James’ personal struggles, like her abusive past, lack depth and resolution.

Although the book offers insights into the restaurant world and themes of love and self-discovery, it falls short. Tighter pacing, smoother transitions, and deeper character development, especially for James, would have enhanced the reading experience.

Book Stats:
Rating 3.5/5
Tropes: Close Proximity, Foodie, co-workers, New Adult, class difference
POP: 33%