Review: Play Smart by Aly Stiles

Rating: 4/5  PoP: 87%  Work For It Book 5

Nash Ellis is just doing what it takes to survive, while Paige Andrews dreams of taking over the corporate world. However, starting as interns at Reedweather Media is nothing that either of them thought it would be. This book is best read after Street Smart, Aly’s first book in this series as we see the return of Marcos, Eva, and of course Chad. The antics at Reedwather are ridiculous but at the same time just believable enough to be absolutely hilarious. 

Nash is the tortured artist you are accostmed to seeing from Aly. And even without his entire story your heart is breaking for him. However, the dynamic between Paige and him is dynamic and eye opening for both of them. They may seem like opposites but they are both stuck in comfort zones and protecting themselves from hurt.They have more of a slower burn in terms of book progress but the majority of the book takes place in just a few weeks. The way Aly balances the deep reflection these characters undergo with the humor of corporate espionage shows the great range of her own artistic abilities. 

Although this book builds on the foundation set in Work For It Book 1, there are both old and new favorites introduced throughout it. There are a lot of complex characters that I hope we will get to see more of in the future. And perhaps whether the mer-nuts ever make it to the public.