The O Zone | Kelly Jamieson

If you are a fan of hockey romance, but don’t really understand the game, then you need to read this book! I love how Kelly explains the game, as Emerie the heroine is not a hockey fan. She goes so far to say she hates hockey.  The horror.  Owen, the hero, on the other hand has a lot of hockey knowledge.  Like a lot! In my world we call it hockey IQ.  

Let’s start off with their meet cute.  I just adore every single thing about it.  I really don’t want to give it away, but the way these two are drawn to each other makes my romance lover’s heart melt.  In a city the size of New York, coming across the person you are drawn to in the world in random ways really makes me believe the universe has a plan for us all.  

Off the bat, Owen makes me chuckle.  He likes his life organized, planned, and routine is a major part of his day.  When he is drawn to Emerie with dark hair with green  highlights it throws him for a loop.  He is usually drawn to blonds.  Also, he doesn’t do relationships.  He does hook ups.  It is easier for his schedule and routine.  

Emerie is a gifted musician and has a deep love for it.  But not more than she loves her sister.  Emerie spends her nights caring for her younger sister, providing her the love and support that she missed out on as a child.  I love the connection that the pair have and how Emerie constantly is putting her first, sometimes to the detriment of her own life.  

These two set off as a fake relationship that has a ripple effect to both of their lives.  I love how these two grew throughout this book.  The two worked through difficult emotions and worked for love.  Kelly did an amazing job of both bringing in previous characters we love but also kept the focus on Emerie and Owen.  I highly recommend this book to any romance lover!