Only One Mistake | Natasha Madison

We are back with the Stone and Horton family, and hockey romance fans are cheering loud!  After Michael’s season starts out rough, he has landed a trade to Dallas.  Having mixed feelings about the move where he randomly meets Jillian when she thinks he is her blind date.  And to say this woman enchants him is an understatement. Jillian is mortified because she thinks Michael could possibly be the best looking man she has ever seen.  When Jillian doesn’t hear from Michael after their one night stand she is disappointed, and angry.  And to say that she runs into him at the worst possible moment is an understatement.  

First off, this pair have some serious chemistry from the get go.  Like really hot! And Michael is swooney.  And I don’t use those words lightly.  He says ALL OF THE RIGHT things, and is just an all around good guy.  When he swoops back into Jillian’s life after finding out she is pregnant with his child he goes a little overboard.  But he is Max’s son after all.  For Michael and Jillian their family plays a large role in both of their lives.  Jillian has a twin sister that is fiercely protective of her sister, and we all know Alex is a little extra as well.  But the friendship that bloomed from this duo warms my heart.  And the love that surrounds these two shines off the page. 

You get A LOT of the Horton and Stone family because where one goes they all go. While they may be extreme they do love with their whole heart. I adored Michael and Jillian’s story, but the more that time pases from reading it I think I love it more.  There were so many sweet and funny parts to this book.  You will definitely smile, laugh, and cry.  This book was light on hockey talk and team interaction and centered around Michel, Jillian and their family.  If you love a mushy alpha male with a team of back up alphas to support him, then I highly highly recommend this book.