The Hacker by Anna Hackett

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Reformed Playboy; Accidental Pregnancy; One Night Stand; Alpha Hero; Protector
Series: Norcorss Security book 5
PoP: 35%
POV: Multi 3rd Person

When you start the Norcross series you get tiny little snippets of Ace and Maggie’s relationship and you just know that when Anna Hackett gave them their HEA that she was going to bring Ace to his knees. And she does in beautifully. These two have been dancing around each other for years, and when things finally to come fruition, life takes a turn that neither of them were expecting. A one night stand turned accidental pregnancy. But this is just the start because things start happening and Ace does everything he can to protect Maggie from the people that are after her. He has his hang-ups about relationships and you get to know why. One thing I love about Hackett’s books is she writes real women. They are strong personalities, but they have insecurities and worries like everyone else. They work through their issues together and apart from their heroes. Now Ace is an alpha protector like each and every hero she writes and while they are obsessively possessive and intense when it comes to their woman, they have their own issues at heart. I loved getting to check in with the rest of the Norcross guys, and we get to see these two in their element! If you haven’t read Anna Hackett yet, you need to start!