The Dragon’s Bond by Marie Johnston

POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 62%
Tropes: Relationship in Crisis; Mated Pair; Dragon Shifter; Shifter Romance; Small Town
Series: Jade Dragon Shifter Brothers Book Two
Type of Series: Series of Standalones
Rate:  4/5 Stars
Release Date: September 18, 2022

Lachlan and Indy are a mated pair, but are basically living separate lives. Lachlan has gotten back from a trip and is thinking that he needs to fix their relationship. Indy is a strong dragon shifter, but also very insecure because of the way their mating went down. I enjoyed the way this story plays out. These are two people who care very deeply for each other, but have both made so many missteps in their relationship.

The way in which this story plays out shows that communication and openness is important in all relationships. These two created a bond when they mated, but both kind of let that bond falter. Lachlan is extremely protective of Indy… but he realizes that he let her down time and time again with some of his thoughts and assumptions. He tried to hard to separate himself his parents reign of terror, but forgot that Indy was there to help him not stand apart. This story works really well and I love the fact that it is a relationship in crisis. You don’t often get strongly done stories in this trope, but it is something Marie Johnston does well.