Guarded by the Marshall | Kennedy L. Mitchell

Book friends, Kennedy L. Mitchell has done it again.  She has given us a broken hero that is put back together by one of her strongest heroines to date.  We are thrust into Rachel and Max’s unlikely meeting.  Max, a US Marshall sent to protect and guard a witness, and take her into the witness protection program.  He is immediately drawn to this woman and has a strong need to protect this woman at all costs.  US Marshall, Max is a little defeated by the world, especially by a woman.  Rachel, fresh out of her own personal hell and testifying against those that took her life from her, finds comfort in this gruff US Marshall. 
These two might seem like an unlikely pair, but as they begin to spend time around each other it is obvious that they bring each other strength. As their time together is limited the pair jump all in.  Max & Rachel have this undeniable physical connection, but really it is soul deep.  These two bring out the best in each other and understand one another like others in their lives before couldn’t.  I thoroughly enjoyed how the story line was never stagnant and while the pair’s relationship grew so did the odds against them.  I have SO.MUCH more to say, but I really truly do not want to ruin this book for potential readers.  This is a true gem in the romantic suspense genre.  If you love a romantic suspense book that is mission heavy, with a lot of feelings, amazing characters and side characters that you just need more, sprinkled in with some small town than Kennedy L. Mitchell is a must read for you….and this book is no exception.  I am a huge Kennedy L. Mitchell fan but this might be my favorite book of hers to date!  

Please check trigger warnings for this book.