The Comfort Read

Sometimes there are times when you just need to go back to an oldie but a goodie when it comes to reading. Hence, The Comfort Read. There are series that never fail to bring me joy. When I get stuck in a slump, or am just needing to break up my reading I have a list of authors that I always go back to. The list changes every so often, but really it has been the same for years.

What makes it a comfort read for me?

A comfort read for me is the book that I can get lost in. That allows me to connect to the characters without fault. Often times, I fall in love with romantic suspense series and authors, because there is just something about the mystery of the danger in those stories that pulls me in like no other. The challenge of the story is what gets to me.

There can be fault, there can be issue, but if a character doesn’t have strength (which can be in many forms) then it really loses its luster for me. But those comfort read books are stories that I can read or listen to over and over and over again. Sometimes the audio hits just where I need… sometimes I like the feel of the book in my hands (*gasp* I know friends it does’t happen often), or sometime I just need that mindless tap of the kindle screen. It’s a book or series that allows me to not think but give me a story I know and love.

My Comfort Read TBR

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