Shot Across the Bow by Julie Ann Walker

Rating: 5/5 
Series: The Deep Six Book 5
Trope: Co-Workers; Friends-to-lovers; Slow Burn; Heroine in Danger; Reformed Playboy

I have been looking forward to this book for what feels like forever.  Romeo and Mia have been dancing around each other since they met.  Romeo is a lover of all things female and has no shame in admitting it.  He has this idea of who and what Mia is, and it leads his misconceptions.  He has however, been drawn to her and only her for a while, and it has been frustrating to him.  Romeo has made a couple of comments that truly hurt Mia in a way that he didn’t understand but also because she didn’t let him.  I love the dynamic of these two.  They are truly good friend, and both have feelings for the other, but the way in which they live their lives neither believes it can truly be more. 

As with the rest of this series, there are two different couples’ storylines running together.  We also get snippets of Doc and Cami’s story and while you don’t get the full fleshed out story you get enough to keep you coming back.  This series is continuing on with the hunt for the treasure of the Santa Cristina and the trials and tribulations of the search along with the attack on Mia’s life because of her not so good family.  I really enjoy the way in which these stories unfold in a hourly time-line instead of being drawn out, and I can’t wit to get to the next book to see if maybe just maybe they get that treasure.  Mia and Romeo get the HEA at the end, and you get just enough to know that Doc and Cami’s story is going to be just as explosive as the previous books.