A Temporary Memory | Marie Johnston

If I was not already in love with the Knight brothers I am now. And friends, Alcott (Cody) Knight is at the tippy top of my book boyfriend list. That does no mway mean that I think that I am not going to love Austen, Wilder, or Eliot just as much! Friends, Marie Johnston brought the banter on this one.  The banter between siblings, amazing and the banter between Cody and Tova was simply stellar.  The nicknames alone had me fanning myself….Stern Daddy is all I can say.  We love a Stern Daddy, and Cody Knight is their leader.  

Cody is such a serious guy with so much on his shoulders, you could literally feel the weight of it.  A newly widowed father of two young kids, with a family business to run.  Cody was always the brother that needed to be in charge, and felt like nothing was in order.  

Tova is such a tenacious woman with a giant heart.  I love her free spirit.  Even after all that she has experienced in life she greets people with kindness and no judgment. They way she wrapped Ivy and Grayson up and loved them immediately.  She gave these two grieving kids exactly what they each needed.  Sometimes a widow parent moving on and falling in love is sort of a hard sell, but not at all in this case! I love how Meg was never put down, but loved for who she was for Cody and the kids.  And Tova never felt like she needed to compete with her.  Writing that is a balance, and Marie wrote Cody and Tova perfectly.  These two had a connection that readers felt from the meet cute, and the growth of their relationship from boss to employee, to friends, to more was done so well.  I would call this a slow burn but it would have not worked if they didn’t have the chance to grow their relationship.  I will say that once they took their relationship to the next level these two lit the pages on fire, and it was amazing.  Cody and Tova might have seemed like complete opposites but they bring out the best in one another.  Tova encourages Cody to have a little fun and relax a little, and Cody encourages Tova’s dreams and walks beside her to help her make them happen!
If you love a family series set in a small town with some amazing banter, a stern single dad, and a nanny that can’t wait to loosen him up this book needs to be on your kindle today!!!