Saved by the Officers | Kennedy L. Mitchell

In true Kennedy L. Mitchell form readers are thrust into the midst of some sketchy stuff.  From page #1 I knew that Georgia was going to be an amazing character, and I was not wrong.  Georgia realizes that her husband turned into someone she doesn’t know.  She quickly gets things into place and flees with her daughter with the help of the FBI. Georgia and her daughter, Grace end up in a small town in Texas while they are in witness protection.  I really love how Mitchell portrayed Georgia and Grace’s relationship….Grace’s character was spot on for a teenager, especially one thrust into a new life. And she did a great job of showing how isolating moving, parenting solo, and being a teen somewhere new can be.  There was no sugar coating their situation.  

Shade and Trapper are police officers.  These best friends have a long history, and have lost the woman they loved.  They never thought that they would be able to find what they had before.  Each has their own way of coping with the loss, but are very worried about each other.  When their new neighbor and her daughter move in, they know they are the run but not from who or what.  They both step in and become the friends that Georgia and Grace need.  Shade and Trapper are so different, yet balance each other out so well.  Shade is very intense, and Trapper is easy going.  Both are overprotective, but in their own way.  When the trio began to navigate their way through a relationship the intensity was palpable.  Mitchell did a fantastic job of showing the sexual tension, and when they all finally gave into their desires it was so unbelievably hot.  So steamy.  So very steamy.  With all of that said, the fact that Georgia was a single mom was never pushed to the wayside like so many single parent romances.  Grace was never an afterthought and her wellbeing was always everyone’s top priority.  If you love romantic suspense, a small town feel, and are unsure of a menage storyline is for you this is the book to read. You will fall in love with Shade, Trapper, and Georgia!