The Heart Chaser | Gina Azzi

When Panda and Abbi meet when she is in town for a bachelorette party they decide that a night or two sounds like a great idea.  Neither of them are in the market for a relationship, they can just have a good time.   But they really didn’t plan on not being able to get each other off their minds.  Both of their lives got in the way, and when Abbi finds herself back in Boston.  The attraction is back.  But Abbi was recently burned and not interested in being hurt again, and Panda’s life is so complicated it doesn’t seem like a good idea.  

My heart broke for Abbi.  She has had a really hard life.  But man is this girl resilient.  She gets up and fights for the life that she has.  I love how those that love her and have her back rally behind her to support her in ways that she didn’t even know she did.  (If you didn’t love Austin before….you will move him to the top of that book boyfriend list!)  I love the relationship that she and Chloe have.  Chloe tells her like it is, but still supports and loves her unconditionally.  

Then there is Panda.  This boy put us through the ringer.  There may have been a few times where I put my kindle down to walk away from him.  But he is just so sweet I couldn’t stay away long.  This man LOVES so hard.  And is seriously committed to his family.  There are some facetime scenes with his family that will melt your heart while you are crying so hard from laughing.  He is a character, and someone you would love to hang out with!  His family is also so amazing! 

Sometimes when we meet characters in previous books we have really high hopes for their story and they fall short.  Well that is NOT the case with The Heart Chaser.  From the get go I loved Panda’s witty, charm, and quick comebacks.  I am a total sucker for someone that is funny.  And then in James’ story Panda let us see a little more of himself.  I had a feeling this man would fall hard and fast for his lady.  Friends, if you think you loved Panda in his friends books, then you will want to hustle to get this on your kindle.  If you haven’t read the Boston Hawks, this is a must read series, in my opinion! Gina did it again, and I cannot wait for the next book in this amazing series!