Royal – Club Pivot #1 | Rebel Shaw

I am a sucker for a nanny and grumpy rich guy. So when a friend suggested this book, I quickly jumped at the chance to read it.  Finnegan Royal, is an obscenely rich man.  He doesn’t have a lot of time for relationships….except his best friend.  He is perfectly happy with his night club, hook ups and his money.  Then one night everything changes.  He is now the sole provider and family of a little girl, Hadley.  Finn is in desperate need of a nanny.  Like NOW.  His assistant provides him with the dream nanny, London.  From the start London and Hadley hit it off. London is a professional nanny and loves her job.  This girl jumps in right away and provides stability for Hadley and Finn.  Hadley the sweet toddler fell in love very very quickly with London. And Finn well, he caught up pretty quickly, too.  I loved sexual tension that Finn and London had, and when it exploded man did it ever.  They had some serious chemistry.  These two struggled to keep their hands off each other, and I was all in! Finn is an alpha dirty talker and I thought my kindle was going to melt, but I was totally 100% okay with that! Finn did a lot of growing up in this book and realized what is important in life, and really fell hard and fast for not only London but Hadley.  

On Top of this pair, the friends that they each surround themselves with are equally amazing, and I am eager for their books, too! Sometimes when there is a nanny and single dad the kids sort of get pushed to the wayside, but that did not happen in this book at all.  Hadley was their focus, and I so appreciated that. I really enjoyed this book, and I am excited about what this author pairing is going to give us next! Definitely put this book on your TBR list!