Irresponsbile Puckboy | Eden Finley & Saxon James

Oh Dex.  He is just the sweetest.  The literal sweetest.  But he is a little dense.  He 100% reminds me of a golden retriever puppy.  You cannot help but fall in love with him.  And Tripp is just as kind, but a little more aware of things than Dex.  And these two, well Dex and Tripp have been best friends for several years.  Tripp has been in love with Dex for just as long.  The problem is, Dex is straight.  Everyone around them is able to see Tripp’s true feelings for Dex except Dex.  People around Tripp work really hard to protect his heart…..except Tripp isn’t really interested in protecting his heart because Dex is worth it.  

Dex has struggled in his life and really struggles with commitment.  He hasn’t had the best of role models and to me it feels like he is a lost puppy and he needs someone to ground him, and that person is Tripp.  He sees Tripp as his best friend and he really does not have many boundaries where Tripp is concerned.  And this man, he LOVES to cuddle and I am here for it! 

Tripp really understands Dex and defends him and supports him. 

I will be honest, I was not sure how this book was going to play out but I know Eden and Saxon always deliver.  Always.  And this book does not disappoint.  I have already read this book twice, and I know it is one that will become one I go back to ofen. There is a twist, and I really don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but it had my jaw on the floor, and I laughed until I cried.  Then I cried for Tripp. But when these two finally figure themselves out and Dex realizes that a best friend with the sex stuff is also pretty great, they are so so great and cannot keep their hands to themselves.  It was amazing, but with all the same humor that Tripp and Dex bring to their relationship. 

If Eden and Saxon are new authors to you I suggest you just jump in with both feet.  They are experts at developing characters without stalling the story.  This duo also build the most amazing worlds and found families I have read in series.  The queer collabortitve is possibly my favorite thing the book world has given me. Hands down. And I adore how they pull in the other groups that they have created.  Do yourself a favor and dive into this series today.  You will not be sorry.  Also, if you are an audiobook fan their audiobooks are always as equally as amazing.