Rookies Regret | Gina Azzi

Rookie Cole is one of the sweetest cinnamon roll characters I have read in a while.  He is quiet, dedicated to his team, and works hard off the ice.  He parties very little and does not partake in the puck bunny scene.  Cole is not only dedicated to hockey but he is dedicated to his family. 

Bea fresh out of art school and back in her hometown to help her brothers care for their Grandma.  Her brother, Beau hooks her up with a job at the arena selling the most amazing cupcakes (and friends we get cameos of some of our favorite Boston Hawks friends!).  Bea is a quirky artist with a giant heart.  You will not only adore Bea but you will fall head over heels in love with her Gran.  She is an amazing side character and someone that you would want to sit on the porch gossiping and drinking sweet tea with!

Cole and Bea’s meet cute is so adorable and completely fitting for the pair.  They quickly formed an easy friendship that morphed into a relationship.  Cole was so sweet and moved at a snail’s pace, but once this man was in he was ALL IN! He was completely captivated by Bea, and she was enamored with Cole.  While they are different they also have a lot of similarities and balancing a demeaning career, making dreams come true, and helping family is a lot to juggle for everyone, especially a young couple fresh out of college.  If you love a book filled with lots of warm fuzzies, sweet characters, and a couple that works hard for their HEA this is the book for you! I can’t wait for more of the Thunderbolts!