Book Slumps and Grumpy Reading

I am a mood reader… I own this, I accept this, but there are times when it hits and it hits in the wrong ways. Typically August for me is a month that is rough. It’s an emotionally draining month because we had our son that month, and if you know me, then you know he didn’t make it. So yeah, August is rough. This year was different. I didn’t feel that usual drain… Jonah’s birthday came and went with sadness, but it wasn’t debilitating this year. So I thought, hey…. that’s a victory. HOWEVER… I am feeling the drain now. I don’t know if it’s because our schedules are insane again with back to school and activities starting back up. But I am having a hard time loving books. SO I have been reading a lot of backlist works, that I haven’t gotten to yet, from authors that I love. And re-reading some of my faves. I also started doing some audio books while doing house work and have discovered that as long as it’s a book that I have read then I am all into that audio.

But it makes it hard. I have a few ARCs to read… books to read for podcast prep and just books that are anticipated releases, but yet I am not feeling connected. Alas the blog post, because I haven’t felt good in my thoughts about some of these books and it’s been a rough week. But then I remind myself… it happens. The funk will not stay forever, I just need to wait it out and enjoy those books/authors that I love. Slumps are real… Grumpy reading is okay. It happens just remember to give yourself grace because life is too short to not enjoy your books.