Review: Wicked as Sin.

Wicked as Sin: One Mile & Brea, Part One (Wicked & Devoted, #1)

I hate a cliff hanger!  And I so knew going in that this one had a cliff hanger.   But it is Shayla Black and she sucks me in every time. She totally temps me and sucks me into the worlds she creates.  I am happily reading along, falling headfirst in love with Pierce “One-Mile” Walker, wanting to beat the hell out of Brea’s best friend Cutter, when bam! I have come to the end of the Book One.  I am pretty sure I would trade my child at this point for book two to see how everything comes out. 

Shayla Black creates characters that are multi-dimensional with out being overly complicated.  They boarder on being completely bad but there is always this underlying goodness about them.  One-Mile is no different.  He is hard, takes his job seriously, nothing will distract him from what he is good at and what he needs to do. 

Brea has been the good girl her whole life.  She is the daughter of an overly demanding Southern Preacher Father and having lost her mother shortly after her birth she will do anything to please her father.  Her best friend Cutter Bryant is also super dominating and controlling in her life.  He is trying to protect her but comes off as a complete ass.  I love that Black creates women who fall for these strong alpha males but are bad ass in her own way.  Brea is living her life, not necessarily on her own terms as she is absolutely a people pleaser.  But she comes off as independent minded and is going to seek her happiness, she is not whining in a corner complaining about her life or circumstance. 

The plot is just as intense and sexy as you want it to be. It has tons of drama and shoot outs that create just the right about of drama to bring together these two opposites.   One-Mile is the quiet man of action she can lean on, because she is absolutely one of those people who does for everyone but rarely does anyone put her first.

Wicked as Sin deserves every star of 5 and probably one or 2 more since I NEED book 2 ASAP.