Unmanageable (In Vino & Veritas) | Leslie McAdam

I have said it before, but really it needs repeating.  I want to live in Burlington and Vino & Veritas orbit.  I adore this little slice of small town Heart Eyes Press has created.  The humans in this little town are so unique, loving, and have amazing stories to share.  So when I saw another set of books was releasing I put them on my calendar and pre-ordered them all!  Unmanageable really stood out to me because I love a single dad romance, paired with a nanny trope in Burlington Vermont. I have only read one other Leslie McAdam book, and I was so excited to dig into this one, and it did not disappoint. The characters that she created were so perfectly flawed and expertly described.  And the side characters did not crowd the page, but added to the storyline and made you feel like you were hanging out with friends.  

Scott is in love with love.  He is such a genuinely kind human that enjoys people and life.  He is so sweet and a little quirky but has such a giant heart of gold.  This man should be protected at all costs!  He is a total gem!  He is a little down on his luck, and is need of another job….and soon! 

Luke likes to come across as a jerk, and off the bat I wasn’t so sure of him.  But it didn’t take long for this guy to let us in, and see the real him.  He is a classic New York work-a-holic that is back to temporarily take full custody of his young daughter, Addi.  Back in his hometown of Burlington he realizes he is a little over his head and needs a nanny to help him out with his young daughter.  As soon as Scott and Luke meet there are sparks, and how the pair try to keep it professional made me love them even more, but they both adore Addi and work hard to give their all to her.  Scott is amazing not only with Addi but Luke pulling him out of his comfort zone and giving them both experiences and FUN in their lives.  Luke and Scott bring out the best in each other, and they really make an amazing pair.  Their relationship didn’t come without their trails, and I loved when their friends rallied behind them and supported them.  If you love a small town, grumpy sunshine, fun banter, a lot of heart, and some seriously swoony moments this book should be on your TBR!