Review: The Wedding Date Disaster

Oh my Avery Flynn does it again!!  I am such a huge fan!  I love her quirky not always typical heroines. This is an Enemies-to-Lovers romance, Forced proximity, and Best friend’s TWIN brother Troped Romance. 

Hadley Donavan -Left behind her Midwest small town upbringing for the promise of adventure and success in the Big City.  She has a passion for helping other via nonprofit fundraising.  She is headed back to that Nebraska Ranch for her little sister’s wedding and has talked her best friend Web Holt in to being her fake boyfriend to distract her family from what her life in Harbor City is really like. 

Will Holt- Totally Grump, Pessimist.  Has it out for his twin brother’s best friend because he believes she is a gold digger.  Will twin Web with the help of some fake food poisoning has tricked him to accompanying Hadley to her sister’s wedding.

Will’s life hasn’t been easy and he allows his upbringing and a past relationship to dictate how he sees people in the world.  He is the extreme example of how many of us react to past hurt.  He can not seem to let it go and just see the person what they truly are.  Some of this is on Hadley.  She isn’t honest with those she loves about how bad she is failing at life in Harbor City.  All of that seems to play in to Will’s treatment of her. 

I loved the craziness of Hadley’s family. They are big and loud and love fiercely.  The supporting characters in this story add so much depth to it.  It really makes the story. 

It was nice to see a small glimpse of a Fiona Hartigan.  I am hoping this means we might be getting her story soon. (Hint Hint Ms. Flynn)

This was a 5/5 Read for me.  Once I started this I could not put it down.  I had moments of giggles and moments of gasp.  Seriously her PawPaw pulls out Handcuffs at the dinner table! I love the stories Ms Flynn writes.  I wish she would write my grocery list, maybe I would like that then.  This is a well-done story of learning to let go of past perceptions and seeing the shimmering jewel in front of you.  The only price tag on love is what you are willing to give of yourself, not money.