Review: The Suit by Lulu Moore

Rating: 4.5/5
Series: The Tuesday Club Book 2
Trope: Enemies to Lovers, Friend Group, Rivals,
Pop: 28%

I am not always a fan of the Enemies to Lovers Trope.  At times it feels so angry and hateful that I don’t always understand how with a flick of a switch they move so quickly from hate to desire. For me to really love and recommend an Enemies to Lovers Romance I rely very heavily on an author to show me a very clear evolution to their romantic journey. 

The Suit by Lulu Moore did just that for me. It quickly has moved to the very top of my favorite Enemies to Lovers Romances.  The whit and cynicism of these characters made this whole book. 

Rafe Latham is a solid guy with a good heart. He is a bit of caretaker. To the world he comes off as a playboy but at the end of the day he has a heart of gold with a passion to help people.  I love a good guy and Rafe was just that the best guy. You could see it in his relationships. The care he has for his friends. The respect in which he treats those in his live. The love he has for his family, even though they drive him bonkers. For him to have this deep seeded hostility toward Beulah made their Rival that more dynamic. 

Beulah Holmes was so much more than she let the world see.  Her drive for success is a way to shield other from seeing all the damage and loneliness in her past.  She has experienced so much heartache in loss that it is easier for her to just strive to the best and not make any lasting relationships.  

These two together on the page were explosive. Their chemistry and their relationship had so much intensity.  These two were so drawn to each other that even in those moments when their Rivalry was at it’s peak they could not fight the attraction they had for one another.  

A couple things I really loved in this story was the care the author gave in describing Beulah.  I am often annoyed when skin color is described with food, for example a “creamy caramel” or strong “back coffee”.  Moore used “warm brown skin”, and I knew her exact coloring. It felt respectful and very well done.  The reader does not get a ton of Beulah’s background just the key parts that helped shape her into the successful woman she is.  I also was so grateful that the author showed how the characters really did not hate each other, they just did not know each other. That all their interactions previous had happened years before in competition. That made it easier to see that once they started talking to each other the realized some of those feelings were attraction. 

The book is a bit slow to start so that we get the background of characters and how ingrained their rivalry is.  Largely this is a fantastic Enemies to Lover (really Rivals to Lovers) Romance.  I highly recommend this book. I enjoyed book 1 in the series a lot and recommended you read both. Each is very much a standalone story and can be read separately.