Review: The Sea Witch by Katee Roberts

The Sea Witch is a very dark and sexy read.  Honestly, it was hot, set in a modern world with so much diversity it was inspiring.  You might need to discount all the power play and criminals, but this is a special world that has been created.

The romance of this story was very transactional and calculated.  There was a purpose to each interaction. Looking for a result of revenge.  The movement of the story line is very much shown through these interactions.  The auction idea was creative and the ending satisfying, resolving without violence

Zuri is innocent, naïve, and has some blinders on to her reality. Alaric is the intense charmer with his own agenda holding him back.  Ursa is a force, and she is not afraid to throw her power around. They all seem very stuck in their roles. I loved Ursa and Zuri together, but I found Alaric so annoying and egocentric. These three characters did not endure themselves to you instead you have to work a bit to see the good in any of them.  Ursa and Alaric are sure that they love Zuri after just two days together, but they don’t truly know her. Their love for each other seems somewhat selfish and did not come off as an organic evolution.

The Sea Witch is an erotic story about ultimately finding your voice and taking a chance on love. This book is for those who enjoy reading about polyamorous relationships. Katee Robert writes hot, sexy, and really angsty stories and The Sea Witch falls right into that.

This was my first book in the series and can be read as a standalone. These reimagined fairytale characters.  This was a 4/5 read for me. I liked Ursa’s power as a woman and the diversity of this world.