Cannon |Sawyer Bennett

Friends buckle up because Cannon is not at all what you were expecting, but in the absolute best way possible. 


….at 10% in he GOOD GIRLS Ava. 10%- TEN FREAKING PERCENT, friends.  If that is not an immediate “buy now” and move all other books to the side of your TBR list, we aren’t the same kind of reader.  Also, heads up you are going to need to buddy read this so you can text your book besties and talk about how amazing Cannon is.  You are going to have to trust me on this.

Cannon is the new head coach for the Pittsburgh Titans.  He has a big job, and eyes around the country are on him.  He needs to work to build a championship team while some of the players are reeling in grief and recently having their shot at the big leagues.  To say this man is busy is an understatement.  He thinks he doesn’t have time for a personal life or a special someone.  He also has his heart locked up tight. Or so he thinks.  All it takes is one intriguing, beautiful and kind woman in a coffee shop to turn his man inside out.  Also, the dirty talk that this man gives readers almost melted my Kindle.  

After a terrible break up leaves Ava jobless and homeless in a new city.  But she doesn’t sit back and let life happen, she works hard.  Taking a job in a coffee shop to help get herself back on her feet she meets Cannon. The ridiculously handsome man that might get her to trust men again.  

These two jump in with both feet.  They also set a lot of boundaries off the bat, given that Cannon is so busy and Ava is mending her heart.  That all being said,I felt like Ava was always a little more “in” than Cannon was, but I also love how she held boundaries for herself and was self evaluating if she was falling into the same pattern that she did in her previous relationship.  Ava is strong, resilient and such a hard worker.  She wasn’t willing to compromise on what she wanted and stood her ground.  I love how Cannon saw the talent that Ava had along with her drive.  He quietly nudged her to push herself out of her comfort zone and dream big.  While Cannon had a lot of connections he never used them and allowed Ava to shine on her own and boy did she ever.  

It isn’t often that you get a coaches perspective in sports romance, and I love how Sawyer Bennett has given us two coaches in this series.  And a team owner in this series! If you are new to Sawyer Bennett this is the perfect series to start with.  There are a lot of big emotions and heart in this series and she always leaves us wanting more from her couples.  Bennett builds the most amazing found families and girl gangs around and I love the snippets we get from each couple in her books!  Another 5 star book from Bennett, and a series that I love to reread over and over again!