Review: Something Like Love by Claudia Burgoa

Rating:4/5      PoP:66%      Against All Odds: The St. James Family Book 2

Burke St. James has met his match but his swindling “best friend” has gotten to her first and wreaked havoc. Chloe Lafferly has just lost everything at the hands of Maddox Curtis, the only person that can even begin to understand is Burke. His trust has been misplaced as well, as he has lost millions to this liar. Burke works quickly and finds a solution that will be beneficial to both Chloe and him. All they need to do is pretend to be madly in love for the next few months so he can get other winery owners to turn over their business. And in return he will support Chloe’s catering startup so she can get back on her feet. 

Chloe is a romantic that truly believes in love and soulmates, as her parents were. She dreams of being married at Silverthorne Bay and having a lasting love. I love her determination to chase what she desires. Burke avoids love and commitment at all costs. He has no desire for a future that could possibly have the same results as his parents’. He is a bit secretive about his real goals for the future and all these wineries. For someone that does not believe in love he falls quickly. Maybe it is because he has never allowed himself to get close to someone before that he is unfamiliar with the thoughts and feelings that come with romantic love. As much as you want to dislike Burke and his former player ways, at his heart he is a very loving and caring person. He just needs to learn how to communicate and he owns a communication company. 

I feel a bit like a broken record but as always I love the comeos and connections we get to Claudia’s other books.  I want to live in a world where all these beautiful places are available to me.  We get glimpses at the Bassards, Bradleys, and our Luna Harbor friends.  I cannot wait to see which of the St. James’ family will find love next. In the meantime, I know there will be plenty of others to keep us entertained.