Rating: 4/5
Steam: 3/5
Angst: 2/5
Trope: Friends to lovers, Family Series, Opposites attract, Fake relationship, Billionaire romance,
Series: Wright Family # 9 (Standalone)
Trigger Warning/Content Warning: Character with Anxiety and social anxiety.

A Fake Relationship in hopes of a real relationship. 

The World of the Wrights is one of those Family Sagas that you can never get enough of.  I am obsessed with the latest offering of Serves Me Wright.  Julian and Jennifer, and everyone and everything Wright was just that, RIGHT!

This spellbinding story shows the strong bond and value of family and friends who are family, both related and found.  The story also features characters that tackle tough topics as they push to overcome. Full of charm, compelling characters, and combustible heat, readers will fall hard for heart-hitting love story that’s oh so Wright.

Jennifer and Julian are friends, right? And friends help each other out? So, it makes sense that they would agree to fake dates to make Julian’s ex jealous and quiet Jennifer’s overly critical mom. But both have feelings for each other. But Julian is hoping that a fake relationship will lead to something real between them.  

I loved Jennifer and Julian’s story — the journey from fake dating to casual fun and then forever. This series is always such a delight to read.  It always delivers these amazingly strong characters, who are not perfect but together they are. 

Jennifer is hardly the nerdy, anxious girl hiding behind a camera that we saw earlier in this series. Behind the camera, she’s come into her own and found success with her photography. Living with anxiety and trying to find her voice her journey in this story is so relatable. 

Charismatic Julian quickly becomes one of my favorite Wrights in this story. Julian doesn’t always do the right thing, but his heart is always in the right place. He does have a bit of a perfectionist vibe but behind it is a good heart. 

The hope and anticipation of their journey to the HEA was captivating and had you want to get there as quickly as possible. I consumed this story in one sitting.  Jordan and Jennifer bring big feels not just in their relationship but to the reader.  The story of Jordan and Jennifer was very special, and I am so glad that K.A. Linde told it.