Rating: 4/5
Steam: 3.5
Trope: Instant connection, billionaire, close proximity, One night stand, wedding,

I am relatively new to Louise Bay as an author.  I really enjoy her characters and stories. She truly knows how to tell a story that engages you and has you complete invested in the characters very quickly.

Madison and Nathan first meet at a wedding and they have a quick, immediate connection (Wink, wink one, nightstand). When they next meet it is because she is assigned to write a story about him. The more time they spend together the more their chemistry surfaces.  The chemistry between them is intense and cannot be ignored. 

This is very much an insta love connection romance. The author relies heavily on this trope and doesn’t give us a lot of deep attraction or even the physical attraction that keeps pulling them together.  This was a quick and steamy read and I really enjoyed it.  I did want a little more from the characters of them falling in love but overall a brilliant read.