Review: Peanut by Lucy Watson

Rating: 5/5
Trope: Slow Burn, Friends to lovers, close proximity, second chance, Friend Group,
PoP: 96%

Peanut is a  friends to lovers troped Romance. While it is not my favorite if done well I am all in… guess what friend this is done exceedingly WELL!   

Nick and Riley are everything in this story! Seeing glimpses of Nick in Shortcake I knew he was going to be the squishy cinnamon roll hero I needed him to be!   

Riley returns home after a series of unfortunate events. She is not really euthanasic about her return and is hoping to stay under the radar. Being home, Riley soon discovers that her neighbor is her childhood crush Nick McGregor. 

Nick was so unexpected. Seriously! A cardigan-wearing ferret, his rescue cat and dog, and his feisty parrot really show what kind of guy Nick really is.  

Watching Riley piece her life back together with Nick by her side is everything you want for a friends to lovers romance. It was the unexpected with them, but also things are not always as they appear to be.  Their history is complicated more so than you might think.  Watching Riley learn to trust and love again was everything my heart needed for her.

There is something enchanting about Lucy Watson’s writing.  The characters she writes are so wonderful and complex.  The joy I get from reading her stories leaves me craving more!  I loved Shortcake and Em and Ben are couple goals, but I think Nick and Riley now own my heart!  I can not wait for the next story in this series!  If you have not read Shortcake do it now and be ready to grab your copy of Peanut as soon as it releases.