Rating 4.5/ 5
Steam: 4
Tropes: billionaire, damaged-hero, eggplant-hero, friend-group, level-4-steam, one-night-stand, opposites-attract, surprise-pregnancy, found-family
Series: California Billionaires Book 3

There is so much to this story that I need to talk about. Before I get to that let’s first talk about how we got to this book.  This book can be read as a standalone however you are missing some amazing storytelling if you do.  I mean you will be begging your significant other to gift you a basket of cheese for every occasion.. want to know what I am talking about READ THE WHOLE SERIES!

On to My Unexpected Family

Brooding and Sass, Steam and attraction, Belonging and Longing.  The overarching themes in this book are just incredible. I cannot say enough about this book! It was so good!  The sex positive message in this book really spoke to my soul.  I also really enjoyed how the author dealt with the theme of found family vs a large established family.  Sometimes the theme of found family can get lost with in the interactions of a large established family. 

Chloe is such a fun and great character. She instantly becomes you best friend in her BBF’s book My Unexpected Serenity. You really want her to have her own HEA. Chloe has not had an easy life, but she is totally one of those people who puts her head down and works hard. She is someone you respect for knowing her body and mind.  Chloe looks as life as fun and games never really tying herself down. She is totally someone who has substance.  She is someone you want to get to know and someone who deserves the HEA. 

Silas is the broody damaged hero. Silas battles relationship uncertainties as a direct result of losing his parents at a young age. Because of this loss it is very important to Silas that he is in control.  You really see all his quirks and personality come out the more involved he gets with Chloe.  I found it unique to this author the way she handles that.  A lot of times a damaged hero like this will push the woman and child away, fighting against the attraction and the desire to be a part of everything. 

One of my small complaints in this story is that it was very pregnancy centered, the characters never really opened themselves up. The getting to know each other and knowing you are soul mates was hinted off page some what but not enough to believe there was more than just a physical connection. It was there it just wasn’t as front in center as I felt in needed to be in this book. Both characters are closed off and trying to protect their hearts but when they do get to the point of comfort and sharing with the other it is very basic and limited.  I really wanted more of a soul connection than the physical. I do also appreciate how real the author was about pregnancy and some of the insecurities that come with the changes that happen to a woman’s body. Along with the cravings and normalizing all of that was just really well done.

There was plenty of steam in this romance! It was so good and balanced into the story even though after the one night stand it took almost 60% of the book to get to those parts but when we got there SHAMWOW!

I highly recommend this book. I also really enjoy the whole series!