Review: Mating Theory by Skye Warren

Secrets and darkness are always a given when Skye Warren writes a story.  Her world of Tangelwood has always been shrouded in darkness and secrets.  And I love them all.  There is something sexy and enticing about them that keeps me coming back.  Sutton and Ashleigh’s story are no different. 

If you read the Trust Fund Duet than Mating Game is the closure that anyone who read it needed. The Mating Theory can be read completely on its own, however.  Sutton’s complexity is well described and conveyed in the story.  Sutton is a very intense character.  His complexity can make it difficult to love him, nevertheless I did love him.  His desire to be protect the ones he loves is well stated and makes him an attractive man.  He also has his own demons to come to terms with.  He has a past that is harsh and dark.  He is on the verge of drinking himself stupid when a chance meeting with the beautiful Ashleigh some how starts to bring him back from the brink. 

Ashleigh is young. I do enjoy when Skye writes these young venerable girls right on the cusp of being women, but the ugliness of the world has forced them to have to pushed out into the dark harshness of the world.  There is a strength in these young women that is often not seen in some female characters.  We see this strength in Ashleigh in her willingness to leave her comfortable life instead of allowing her Father to continue his abuse.  We see this when she allows herself to enter into Sutton’s world. 

I loved the raw emotions of this book.  Sutton find Ashleigh just when he needs her the most.  The chemistry between these two is amazing and will keep you entranced.  I could not put this story down.  These two are broken and they have the power to heal each other.  Sutton and Ashleigh are a must read! If you don’t mind the darkness and love that comes from it do yourself a favor and enter Skye Warren’s world.

The Mating Theory was a 4/5 Star read for me.   These stories sexiness never disappoints.  The story does end in a HEA, darkness does not win.