Review: In a Jam by Kate Caterbary

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Single Dad, Small Town, Dirty Talker, Second Chance, Floof in Charge, Slow Burn, real body, jilted bride,

TW: The author does have a CW in her blurb so please check that.

I am not sure how to put into words how amazing this book is. The complexity of the story with all these pieces that are moved and pushed together in a way that creates one of the best HEAs of 2022, maybe ever. The swoon and big emotions hiding behind that sweet raspberry cover are way more delightful than any jam I have ever eaten.  

This is my first read from Kate Canterbury and I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE. I loved the dynamic characters. I loved all their little quirks and smiles. I wanted to hug Imogen and shake Noah. I wanted to give Shay the biggest hug and let her know it was going to all be ok, if ever someone needed it a good mom hug it was Shay!  

There is nothing in this story I would change. I loved it all. Miss Gennie and her crusty pirate ways were so relatable to my own mom’s journey. I once had a child who was a lion through his whole Sunday School program.   Gennie and her hatred of Chickens… I get it girl… same. The dogs in the story have the best names! I loved that even though Noah did not want to solve the towns problems he did anyway. He did it with some major grumbles but with the biggest heart. The author captures the essence of small town living down to a T.  

I am going to need a Twin Tulips sweatshirt and probably a farm one, maybe even one that says “Don’t peck me, you nasty old wench!”  

This is a chunky book but every moment, every piece of this story was needed to create this experience for these characters. This is an enchanting must read for anyone who needs some love and an HEA in their lives.