Noah and Miranda are a cute fun couple.  This was a quick and easy read.  I am a big fan of the sports romances.  I think their meet cute was perfect.  Just enough to cause drama with out being over the top.  Noah and Miranda’s friends add a lot to help with their relationship.  Both are this awkward and adorable couple.  Great dialogue that kept the story flowing. 

This was my first-time reading Sara Ney. She has a very enjoyable writing style. Her story line moved very quickly with out being overdone.  There wasn’t as much character development as I needed.  I wish she had spent a bit more time with interactions between Noah and Miranda.  I loved the added character of Buzz, Noah’s maybe best friend.  I do think there are some character problems, some basic inter actions that need a little more thinking. 

Overall, I liked the story. New adult isn’t my favorite genre, but this was well done without Noah coming off as complete jerk.  This was a 3.5/5 read for me.

I had some issues with timing of the story.  It was the beginning of the Baseball Season, like a week or two before the start, in Chicago. I found it hard to believe that Noah really didn’t seem to put a ton of time into practice and conditioning.  I also had issues with them swimming.  This would be mid/late march even if the pool was heated likely in Chicago at this time it would not have been warm enough to swim let alone have sex.