Review: Following Maggie by Melanie Moreland

Rating: 4/5

If you are a fan of Melanie’s Instaspark books you will love her contribution to the Coming Home series. Maggie finds herself stuck in an airport after weather has canceled flights and booked hotels. She is going back home after taking care of her ailing mother. While trying to sleep she is drawn to Sebastain as he too wrestles with sleep. These two make an instant connection and bond through shared heartache. But they know their time together is short as the weather starts to clear. Sebastian is headed to a future he is anticipating with apprehension. His life has not gone the way he had once hoped. But meeting Maggie and making a life altering decision could give him more. Sebastian and Maggie are both a little lost, the places and people they call home are either gone or disgruntled. They discover the real meaning of family and home as their relationship grows. 

I thought this was a sweet and quick read that would be perfect between larger books or when you aren’t ready to commit to a new indept read. The conflict was never between the two main characters so the angst is almost nonexistent. And it is a good reminder about what it truly means to be successful and have a home.