Review: Fallen Saint

Dark and Intense Emotions to start off this new trilogy.  A book filled with secrets, criminal endeavors, and a love story for the ages. 

As I started this story, I wasn’t sure how the plot would progress by chapter two you are completely invested and are prepared for a romance that is truly a work of art.  The storyline is a show of the impossible needs and frustrated desire of this couple and what happens when your life is shrouded in grief and secrets. 

Ellie is not what I expected at all.  Even after losing her mother, her father and Uncle she is still accepting of love from Alex. Their young love was intense and when it ended abruptly it created deep and brutal scars that even as an adult Ellie has not gotten over.  She has very few lasting relationships.  Even those she claims to be closes to she holds at arm’s length.  She hasn’t been to her hometown in 10 years.  She returns to find answers and to write a profile on Devlin Saint. 

Devlin is a man shrouded in secrecy.  He is doing the best in the world to right wrongs and protect those who can not protect themselves all the while keep secrets from everyone.  Devlin runs a nonprofit foundation that is known to help victims of sex trafficking.  That part of the story shed some light on a very real problem in our society and was very well done.  It was nice to see the subtle way the author was advocating for victims.

This is a story filled with intense emotions and interactions between two remarkable characters.  Their intensity makes for a plot filled with regret and provoking confrontation. Both characters are victims of choices, choices made by them or for them by their parents.  As the storyline progresses it is unclear until the very end how they can overcome or right these choices. This made for a powerful read.  Fallen Saint is a fantastic start to this new series.   All the dark secrets and amazing characters will have you reading from start to finish in one sitting.  This intense read was a 5/5 for me.  I am eagerly anticipating book 2.