Review: British Bachelor

Rating: 4/5
Steam Level: 4
Trope: Instant Connection, Close Proximity, Nanny Romance, Opposites attract, Famous Person
Part of Cocky Hero Clubs

This was a new take on The Cocky Hero Club. Typically, CHC books are quick steamy reads.  This one however had a lot of in-depth character development.  It was as steamy as we have come to expect however Liam and Chelsea come full circle together. 

Liam and Chelsea went from strangers to an intense connection. Chelsea is a strong woman who can hold her own. Liam is a British heartthrob; in my eyes is funny and caring; he does come across as egotistical.  The witty banter and sexual chemistry are off the charts.

British Bachelor is captivating, fun, and easy to read.  It was a great way to escape for several hours and be in a world that made me laugh and feel good.