Review: Attracting Aubrey

This is book 3 in the Gone Wild Series, five friends from college mistakenly end up on a single cruise together.

Aubrey is looking forward to escaping her small-town life and the running of the family bakery. For the love of Family, she has moved home to help run the family bakery, after she graduated from college.  Her life does not look like she thought it would.  (Audrey is the last person who should be running a bakery, she can’t bake to save her life.) Audrey uses her spare time to run a fan Instagram page highlighting the one and only Cater Hayes. 

Carter Hayes is a Hollywood Royalty. Desperately seeking to break out of his current typecast as Hollywood superhero and branch out to more meaningful films.  He books himself on a singles cruise and to prove to a director that he can be more than his Hollywood Superhero Role. 

I loved how Aubrey finally saw Cater as more than just this larger than life figure.  I really enjoyed that Cater got out of his head and truly was a normal guy.  Together they are simply perfect. Aubrey’s shenanigans seem to have the effect of making Carter seem like a normal guy. I think hanging out with Aubrey normalized him more than his Iowa disguise.   

Every awkward and quirky moment in this book is pure gold.  This short and steamy romance is filled with signature Avery Flynn moments.  Awkward meet cute, snarky best friend and so much more packed into this book.  This was a 5/5 read for me.  For the record  I did wanted more from this story, more of Avery’s signature banter, more moments, more shenanigans.

For the rest of March all Avery is donating all royalties from Attracting Aubrey this month to @feedingamerica ‘s COVID-19 Response Fund! 
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