Review: At Her Command

This was my first exposure to Joey W. Hill as an author and I will say she did not disappoint! 

Coming in I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from this story.  I figured it would be a dominate/sub relationship.  Rosalinda (Ros) Thomas and Lawrence Barrera Gatlin’s story is hot and steamy and for the ages!  Ros and Lawrence, a former Seal, are both strong commanding characters with a great deal of integrity.   

To see Ros as Mistress in every sense of the word was riveting.  It created an intensity within the story.  It was fantastical to watch as Lawrence evolves and acknowledged his need to submit to Ros. Their path was not easy.  It was filled with lots of bumps and hurdles. 

At Her Command is about a BDSM and D/s relationship. It is love story in every sense of the word. With any BDSM romance you can expect hot and steamy senses. Also for the reader this time there is an emotional connection.  

Joey W Hill has the perfect balance of steam and emotion in this story.  The journey for Ros and Lawrence is well done and as the reader you there for every heart thumping moment. 

This was a well written and executed story.  It holds your attention.  There is a story line that keeps you engaged.  Sometimes BDSM stories can come across as PWP but this one was not.  This was an excellent example of the correct balance to for a steamy sexy book. This was a 4/5 read for me.