Dirt Road Secrets | Ashley James

Xander is a complete fish out of water as he ventures into a small town to help his aunt while she recovers from surgery.  And his take on his surroundings is just amazing.  First of all the small Wyoming town is picturesque and there are no strangers, so when the hot guy down the lane helps him with his car. 

This was such a quintessential small town meet cute, I was squealing! Colt was 100% taken with Xander. Always stepping in to make sure that Xander was settling in and didn’t need help with the animals … .and let’s be real this city boy needed A LOT of help early on!  I adored Xander and I think James did a beautiful job writing him being restless, he was clearly looking for his place and his person in this world.  He just was not expecting to find both in Copper Lake, Wyoming.  

Colt was born and raised in Copper Lake. It is his home, but it is also where his people and passion is bronc riding.  After reading Eight Seconds To Ride I was half in love with Colt and so hoped that he would find the one that he belonged with.  Colt is just so kind and has the biggest heart.  He knew what he always wanted, but nothing ever felt right to him.  So when he literally stumbles upon Xander his world shifts and while Colt might be surprised he never questions it.  He may be nervous or doubt himself but not at all for the reasons one might think.  Colt is loyal, trustworthy, and always willing to step in and help in short, Colt is just a really great guy.  Xander and Colt together just make sense, maybe on the outside folks might not see it, but when these two are together it is effortless.  Starting out as friends worked for these two, they really got to know one another, and jumping into the spicy stuff just wouldn’t have made sense.  But friends, there was some serious sexual tension and chemistry.  And my goodness was it worth the wait!  And the one liners had me smiling and cracking up the entire book! And of course, Shooter is there adding comic relief…thank goodness for Sterling to keep him in line! This friend group is amazing and I cannot wait to get more of them in this series! If you love a great self discovery book, that isn’t angsty for the purpose of angst, a seriously fun highland cow that makes your heart melt, a sassy aunt, and nosey friends this book and series is for you.  Colt and Xander worked through their feelings, jobs, location like the mature adults that they are.  Which I think is one of the reasons that I liked this pair so much. This series is quickly becoming a favorite and I would love to sit on a porch in Cooper Lake with this found family!


Rating: 5 Star
POV: Dual POV, first person
POP: 55%

Series: Copper Lake book #2

Type of Series: Interconnected Standalone
Tropes: Close proximity, friends to lovers, small town, cowboy, demi/bi-awakening, found familyRelease Date: 3/22/24
Available on Kindle Unlimited