Review: Over a Barrel by Kelly Kay

Rating: 5/5
Angst: 4/5
Steam: 4/5
Tropes: Friends to lovers to enemies, childhood friends, family friends,
Book 1 of 2 Stafýlia Cellars Duet

Over a Barrel is what happens when your person in the whole world goes from being your best friend to your boyfriend to a major fall out… 

This book brings all the angst when you are fighting against yourself for your heart. 

There is this push and pull between Bax and Tab.  The relationship seems to become more unpredictable and passionate as they become adults. This story spans decades but always they seem to come back to each other.  All the big moments in their lives they are so connected to each other that the other is always there. 

If you are looking for an emotional angsty read with very likable characters this is the read for you. There are characters from other books. I read this as a standalone. I am all in for these two. 

This is book one of a duet. The story is written in a Tick Tock timeline with flashbacks. The timeline is easy to follow and gives you more investment into the characters and their hearts.