Review: Alcohol You Later by Heather M. Orgeron

Rating: 3/5
Tropes: Friends with Benefits, Rockstar, Single Dad

Raven is in love with the drummer of a country music band. What started as a fascination turns into something more.   Raven has a chance meeting with Nicholas. They become friends with benefits. Their relationship goes on this way for year.  Raven is always there whenever Nick needs her.. He is soon calling her to join the rest of his tour to help him with an unexpected surprise. 

I couldn’t empathize with Nicholas for most  of the book. He was a jerk and the choices he made really made him unlikeable at times.   He  does redeems himself in the end.  

In turn Raven comes off as needy.  A desperate fan girl who would do anything to be with her crush.  It takes a lot before she shows her strength and back bone, but she does get there. 

As I was reading his up and until the last 20% of the book I just could not understand why Raven allowed Nick to continue to treat her so badly.   Even if you take the romance piece out of it, Nick is a terrible friend to Raven and certainly not his best friend.  I do feel like Raven and Nick lacked Chemistry. Also the corny factor in the last chapter did not help resolve my feelings it actually annoyed me.