Puck Drills & Quick Thrills | Eden Finley & Saxon James

Westley Dalton stole my heart in Line Mates & Study Dates.  West retires from the NHL to take guardianship of his 5 younger siblings after his dad and step-mother were killed in an accident.  He was living the life in the NHL filled with money, travel, free time, and hookups.  Lots of hookups.  He is also an assistant coaching a division 1 college hockey team.  This man is stressed. I could totally relate to West. He is trying to do it all and doesn’t have a lot of outside support.  And nobody to lean on.  In a fit of frustration he confronts a professor on campus and wow.  Finley & James really outdid themselves on the sexual tension.  It was fantastic.  From the mention of Jasper Eckstein in previous books I knew I needed more of him!  And friends, they did not disappoint.  Jasper not only has a caring heart he is strong and resilient. He is grouchy at first and very closed off.  When he opens up to West my heart melted for him.  Who knew I had a tweed kink? Did I mention that Jasper is a dirty talker.  When these two are together the passion and steam was so HOT.  While West and Jasper’s are amazing the side characters added so much to this book! I loved how they brought out the best, and sometimes worst parts of West & Jasper. The Dalton siblings kept me laughing and at times crying.  And then there is Dave and Greg.  I would love to hang out with this pair any day of the week!  And then there is Ezra.  Ezra.  I need more of this guy, and I guarantee that you will, too.  

The struggles that West and Jasper experienced felt real and it never felt like it was forced drama for the sake of drama.  Just the life of two adults and 5 kids.  West and Jasper are adults  with careers and outside demands.  They needed to balance their need to build and grow their relationship with their other responsibilities.  They grew together and built a partnership where they were supportive of each other and it all felt really real.  

This whole series was phenomenal and I really can’t believe it is over.  This entire crew was so great.  All of the characters were special in their own way, and I can’t seem to get enough of them.  Finley and James have a way of creating not only characters but a world that you can’t help but want to be a part of.  The friendships and support that they offer each other. I think this is a must read series for anyone that loves a good hockey series full of fun, humor, and lots of hot and steamy MM romance!