Books like Poisonous Kiss by Jagger Cole

Are you looking for books with over the top alphas that stay in the morally grey? In Poisonous Kiss, Jagger Cole calms the chaos a little bit with the story of Fumi and Gabriel. When we meet these two, we find that Fumi is a lawyer at Gabriels firm, and what follows an intense game of fake relationship with a little big of cat and mouse mixed in. Fumi’s backstory is unexpected, and the way their fake relationship starts is a fresh take.

Gabriel Black is a man that delves in that grey, and you just want more.

When he gets his heroine, Fumi, he takes possessive to a new level. Jagger Cole creates dynamic characters that you don’t want to like, yet you can’t help but not. They all have touch her an unlike vibes and will do anything to protect those in their life. Gabriel Black goes above and beyond to protect the innocent. He appears to all as a “good guy” but is he really? Cole isn’t afraid to take chances with his characters and their relationships. In Poisonous Kiss, he takes the primal kink route this time around when the hero and heroine visit Venom, which is a specialtly club in this series. You can read each of these books as standalones, but you wont’ want to miss them.

poisonous kiss cover

If you like Poisonous Kiss, here are six other books that might grab your attention. They have OTT heroes that don’t hold back when it comes tot their women. That isn’t to say they don’t mess up, but they grovel when they do.

These mafia books have on page violence, but don’t let that stop you from reading this intense OTT heroes. Please check your trigger/content warnings.

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