Books Like Between Never and Forever by Shain Rose

Looking for Books like Between Never and Forever by Shain Rose?

Are you craving more of the irresistible blend of brother’s best friend and fake engagement tropes found in “Between Never and Forever” by Shain Rose? You’re not alone! If you’re on the hunt for similar reads that will keep you hooked, you’re in luck. Here’s a curated list of books that perfectly capture the essence of these beloved tropes, ensuring you’ll find your next addictive read. Whether you’re drawn to the forbidden allure of a brother’s best friend romance or the deliciously fake engagement dynamic, there’s something here for every romance enthusiast. Get ready to dive into a world of swoon-worthy relationships and captivating plot twists!

Fake Engagement Books

  • Doctor Scandalous by J Saman
  • A Little Twist by Tia Louise
  • The Contract by Melanie Moreland
  • Vicious Seduction by Jill Ramsower
  • For nEver by Aurora Rose Reynolds
  • Promise Me Always by AL Jackson
  • Fake by Kylie Scott
  • Bishop By Sawyer Bennett

Both Fake Engagement and Brother’s Best Friend

  • What Saves Us by Maggie Gates
  • A Proposal they Can’t Refuse by Natalie Cana
  • Fair Game by Lisa Suzanne

Brother’s Best Friend

  • Risky Play by Danica Flynn
  • Dear Grumpy Boss by Julia Wolf
  • Prey Tell by Amanda Richardson
  • Vicious Oath by Zoe Blake
  • Wild and Wicked by Mari Carr