Keep | Anna Hackett

Colton Fury is a grumpy bounty hunter, who has a serious soft spot for his daughter Daisy….and maybe a few others.  But he would never ever admit it! He is a man that has life experiences that make him want to close his heart off to love. 

Macy was one of my favorite heroines off the bat! I love how she was never afraid to tell Colt what was on her mind, and the little ways that she would intentionally try to get his goat made me giggle! Everyone knows that he does not so secretly adore the little jabs!  Macy is the kind of girl that you want in your corner, and just doesn’t even realize the gem that she is.  

Colt and Macy have some serious chemistry and their banter is amazing! I love how Macy knew how to press Colt’s buttons in all the best ways! Macy and Colt dance around each other and their attraction for a while but there is a pull that keeps bringing them together … .and when Colt finally decides to give in it is explosive and I was sure that my Kindle melted!  Their banter continued and they way that they seemed to understand one another and support each other in the way they each needed, it really felt that there was nobody else for either of them.  I love a found family, and the Fury brothers are quickly becoming some of my favorites! While they are not blood related they understand the unconditional love and support that family provides and these men always step up when it comes to those they consider family.  They each have their own speciality and skill set and play to their strengths when their family is needed.  On top of that they all simply adore Daisy and are completely wrapped around her finger.  If you are a fan of Anna’s books there is a little tease….well several, and I was 100% here for it.  If you are new to Hackett’s books this is a fabulous place to start! You get a tease of the this new family and some cameos into her other series that will make you want to go back and binge read!