No Rules | Nora Phoenix

If you are in the market for a steamy MM romance that still has a great plot, side characters that you will love and a little suspense/mystery this series needs to be on your TBR list soon! When Nora Phoenix told readers that Ryan and Alex couldn’t’ keep their hands off each other she did not kid.  At all.  These two have an intense connection and are very amorous for one another.  

Alex is young, fresh on a new investigative team, as well as looking to be trained as a submissive.  Alex is not afraid to let others know that he is submissive in the bedroom, but in all other aspects of his life he is not.  He is extremely smart, driven, and wants to learn everything he can from the talented men that he works with to be the best investigator that he can be.  I truly loved how Phoenix wrote both parts of Alex’s life.  His submission is truly about serving others, and it is something that brings him so much happiness.  

Ryan was called to help on a previous mission but found that he liked the team and was in need of a change after his previous job of homicide detective got to be too much for him.  Ryan, a trained dom, is so grumpy and closed off.  It is clear that he has experienced a lot of pain in his life, and isn’t interested in letting someone else into his life.  But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t notice Alex or enjoy the benefits of heaving Alex so close.  

I really liked how the others around Ryan and Alex were not afraid to call Ryan on his crap and step up for Alex.  Ryan and Alex have a deep connection and complement each other in the best ways, not only in their personal lives but as well as their professional lives.  I really connected with Alex and was just hoping that Ryan would see what an amazing partner he found in Alex … .but my heart also broke for him because it is clear that he had a lot of emotions around he and Alex’s relationship. 

I am so excited for what is to come in this series, and Phoenix knows how to balance a great storyline with some seriously kinky steam sex.  This series is quickly becoming one of my favorites to recommend to book friends! 

**Available on Kindle Unlimited**