Ep 174 : The Thrill, Twist, and Spice of Romantic Suspense

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance Heather and Lindsey join Becky to talk about the thrill, the twist, and spice of Romantic Suspense.

Definition of Romantic Suspense- Sub Genre   

  • The constant threat of danger is evident throughout the story as at least one of the protagonists is in direct danger. Lives of family members and friends may also be at stake. Much of the suspense comes from the antagonist who threatens the couple’s love and lives simultaneously. 

What is the romantic suspense structure?  

  • In a good romantic suspense, at least one of the protagonists is in danger (or someone she or he loves, like a sibling or child, is in danger) and the love story builds at the same time that the hero and heroine confront escalating jeopardy, until both the suspense and romance reach a crescendo that leaves the mystery 

Four factors are necessary for suspense—reader empathy, reader concern, impending danger and escalating tension. 

Basic Suspense  

  • Detective /Law enforcement  
  • Security force  
  • Bodyguard  

Thriller Romance is a subcategory of Suspense  —> Sometimes mafia or dark romance 
Mystery Romance —> AL Jackson & Catherine Cowles  
Unexpected Detective —> Stephanie Plum  

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Kennedy L Mitchell 
Anna Hackett
Lexi Blake 
Shayla Black
Mari Carr
Rhenna Morgan 

Skye Warren 
Maya Banks 
Anna Blakely 
Brynne Asher 
Lisa Renee Jones
Catherine Cowles

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