Planes, Trains, and All the Feels by Livy Hart

In the bustling Charlotte airport, Cassidy and Luke’s paths unexpectedly crossed when Luke brazenly swiped Cassidy’s coveted parking spot. Little did they know that this chance encounter would set in motion a series of events that would change their lives.

By a twist of fate, Cassidy and Luke found themselves seated next to each other on a flight bound for California. As the plane soared through the sky, they engaged in spirited banter and playful jabs, with Cassidy’s sunny disposition shining brightly against Luke’s grumpy demeanor. Their contrasting personalities seemed to fit together like puzzle pieces, and an undeniable chemistry sparked between them.

However, their journey took an unexpected turn when a shattered windshield forced their plane to land at a small, remote airport. Stranded and left with limited options, Cassidy and Luke made a bold decision: they would embark on a road trip together to reach their intended destination.

As they hit the open road, the initial friction between Cassidy and Luke slowly transformed into a genuine connection. Through a string of unfortunate travel delays, they found themselves spending more time together than either of them had anticipated. Along the way, they shared laughter, heart-to-heart conversations, and discovered hidden layers of themselves.

But while their bond grew stronger with each passing day, Cassidy and Luke couldn’t ignore the overwhelming emotions building within them. Love, a feeling they never saw coming, began to blossom in their hearts. Yet, the rapid progression of their relationship and the intensity of their newfound emotions left Cassidy feeling bewildered, grappling with the notion of falling in love with someone she had met only days ago.

The quirky mishaps and lighthearted moments filled the story with joy, and the delightful tropes of the grumpy sunshine and forced proximity added a touch of magic to their story. The journey was, undoubtedly, a fun and cute road trip rom-com that would captivate many readers.

While the story started strong, capturing the reader’s attention with its intriguing concept and enchanting cover art, it gradually lost its grip as it neared its conclusion. The rapid shift from enemies to lovers, coupled with the compressed timeline, left this reader yearning for a slower, more organic development of their relationship. Furthermore, the sudden culmination of heavy topics felt abrupt, disrupting the overall pacing and flow of the narrative.

Ultimately the book as a delightful, feel-good romcom that blended various tropes and promised an enjoyable reading experience for many.

Book Stats:
Rating 3.5/5
Tropes: Road Trip, Travel, Close Proximity, Grumpy sunshine, Rom-Com