The Troublemaker | Jessica Peterson

Last June Jessica Peterson gifted readers with the beginning of the Sex & Bonds series, then took some time for the best reason ever: a sweet sweet baby! Well readers she is back and holy moly was The Troublemaker so worth the wait. SO WORTH IT! (Shouty caps and all!) 

Greer is a young baker just starting out and lands in Charlotte’s Wall Street area.  Greer works hard, sometimes too hard and is a people pleaser.  Bound and determined to make her business successful she puts her heart and soul into her bakery.  Greer has also had a major crush on her brother’s best friend, Brooks.  After ignoring her needs for so long, she is taking control and dead set on having a little fun, she just needs to get Brooks out of her head! 

Brooks Huntley is a successful 30 something guy on Wall Street.  To the outside world he has it all.  He is successful, makes great money, has great friends, and spends lots of time with ladies.  He is sort of a love ‘em and leave them kind of guy.  But really Brooks is lonely and longs for connection, but he doesn’t trust.  That and he can’t stop thinking about his best friend, George’s sister, Greer.  His much younger sister.  

When the duo attended a weekend away at Blue Mountain Farm, and if you are a fan of Peterson’s work you know exactly where they are…I might have squealed for joy because Blue Mountain is perfect!  The spark fly, friends.  SO MANY sparks.  While Greer might be inexperienced, Brooks is not and these two cannot keep their hands off each other.  Now, Peterson can write some serious steam and amazing sexy scenes….and Brooks and Greer did not disappoint.  This book was steamy!  I also appreciated the multiple conversations around birth control, and how to handle a situation where accidents happen.  It was done perfectly.  Additionally, having a conversation with his best friend about dating his sister, was done like adults. Mental health  is addressed with care and support, but also grief and how not everyone handles their grief and struggles with mental health the same.  Brooks is still grieving the loss of his twin, and regularly attends therapy. 

The overarching theme of @WSBathroom on twitter is probably my favorite.  Like who is the person behind the tweets, because man they seem to be EVERYWHERE and notice ALL the THINGS!!!  It is safe to say this is another must read series by Jessica Peterson that has me marking release days on my calendar!  If you love a fast-paced world, with lots of funny, snarky friends, and lots of steam, this book and series should 100% be on your TBR list!