Review: Hard Limit by Brenda Rothert and Kat Mizera

Rating 4/5
Series: A St. Louis Mavericks Hockey Romance
Tropes: Hockey, Instant connection, Real Body Rep,
PoP: 12%

Hard Limits is the creative child of long-time hockey romance authors Kat Mizera and Brenda Rothert. Together this alliance creates an emotional story that sticks with you. This is the kind of story that will tie you up in knots.

$10,000 at a charity auction lands Sheridan Lee with a date with the hockey playing Thor look alike, Lars.  Sheridan is coming off a rough stretch in her life.  She is just recovering from a physically devastating accident that had her learning to walk again.  She is also trying with out much success to shed her former agent.  Sheridan is doing everything in her power to start new and to focus on things that makes her happy.  Sheridan is a character that is a bit of a contradiction at times but also incredibly relatable.  She is beautiful and embraces it. She has been successful in her life as a plus size super model and before her accident was at the top of the industry. Sheridan is human, with real doubts and struggles.  At times she struggles with who she shows out into the world and who she lets in. She keeps her circle small after having had some ugly things happen to her by people she trusted.  The are moments that the self-doubts could easily be your own making the story have that much more of an emotional impact. 

Lars is at the top of his pro hockey career. He is focused on his playing and allows little to alter his dedication.  Lars is the quintessential strong silent type. He is also one that when he lets you in, he loves and protect you.  He is not an easy character to connect with but in time that makes sense. He is not an over-the-top swoony book boyfriend instead he will infiltrate your heart in a stealth manner. 

This story is a journey of learning to trust and let people in. To speak from your heart in all manners be it words or actions. Lars and Sheridan are not perfect, they are both incredibly flawed. The beauty of their story comes from the flaws and learning from your missteps, asking for help, and allowing yourself to fail.

I did struggle with Sheridan and the real body rep. At times it felt awkward. While at times she talks about her own body acceptance but also about wanting to lose weight. I also hate the whole lights off while we have sex. It is overdone and is a contradiction in Sheridan’s actions in worlds.  I am super picky about real body rep, if a character says they love their body and realize their beauty, why are we hiding in the dark from the ones we are attracted to?  

I really enjoyed this story. It was an emotional journey to the HEA. The story captures you attention from the beginning and does not let go until the very end.